Dermalogica skin perfect primer (age reform)

Have you ever applied your foundation and found throughout the day you’re having to touch up? Especially those red obnoxious blemishes?! Well say good bye to having to touch up 8283747392 times! Dermalogica skin perfect primer is absolutely amazing.  It keeps my makeup on longer and covers all my little imperfections.  It has a light tint to it but nothing too intense, so it’ll be perfect for every skin colour.  Something else I absolutely love about this particular primer is that it has an spf of 30! Remember people, Sun+ no spf = wrinkles.  Come on, who really wants to age? I sure as f@$& don’t. I’ve tried a few different primers but haven’t been too amazed by them(Murad matte face primer, palladio, MAC, urban decay, sorme, and many more). You only need a small amount of the dermalogica face primer, seriously though…like a pea size.  So it will last you a very long time. Plus it makes your face feel silky and amazing 🙂 dermalogica products all the way for sure.